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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doctors are Not Salesmen, Apparently

Filing this information under "Things You Bastards in the Medical Community Should Have Told Us"........we have some news which is actually quite good, albeit infuriating.
We're in the process of doing developmental testing for my twin sweeties......through the schools. I know that I've shared that we've struggled to get MEDICAL testing because everyone wants a bajillion dollars and NO ONE takes insurance.
(Show me an developmental pediatrician who takes insurance and I'll eat my hat).
And we've struggled with this concept, of HOW we are supposed to pay for office visits that are frequently quoted to us as being OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS PER CHILD.....HOW are we SUPPOSED TO GET THEM HELP at these sort of rates?

I've considered it the raping of the parents of autistic children, actually. They know you'll pay. It's your children. You'll pay anything, you'll bankrupt your life - won't you? If there is a chance, however small, that you can help them?

Well getting laid off just makes all that completely off the table. So things have waited. And now we have this awesome doctor who got us in with someone who WILL take insurance (psychologist who specializes in developmental delay and autism) and he wants $600....and we're just sort of LOOKING at each other like, even at $600 - HOW is a family supposed to AFFORD THAT?

I mean you can do it once but like........JESUS.

And then we find out, that once we get a diagnoses..........we can get them on medicaid via some program and FUCKING MEDICAID WILL PAY FOR EVERYTHING.

Deep breath.

Cuz see, I'm really happy. This is good news.

But it's news I needed two years ago.

And THIS is why I say, Doctors are NOT Salesmen. Because see, in SALES - when a customer balks at the cost, you FIND a way for them to afford it. You THROW out that MEDICAID INFO right away, because after all, Mr. Doctor - You're Just Trying to Get PAID! You help that person find a way to afford it, you get them in that NEW CAR/GYM MEMBERSHIP/WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.....or


It seems lame to me that someone making far less money would've moved the earth to find a way for me to join a gym but medical professionals who I am counting on to help me save my boys couldn't have helped me learn this.

If you're not "officially" a parent of autistic children, people just say "well have you had them tested" or locally "Were they in PEACHCARE?"........and well.........no. They were full term. They had no issues. In FLA they didn't QUALIFY for special services BECAUSE they were so healthy and so big. So no one noticed. No one realized.

No one listened. No one helped.

It feels like that has all changed. I'm just so terribly terribly ANGRY about what has gone before.


Auds at Barking Mad said...

I am so happy that you've finally received some welcome news, but really frustrated in empathy that it took so damned long.

And no, doctors are not salesmen...and it's a real shame. Its sort of contradictory to that oath they took.