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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Announcements of Various Sorts

So a few announcements - first off, I'm toying with the idea of moving this shooting gallery over to wordpress because I am hearing that you have trouble leaving comments. I know I have trouble leaving comments on some peoples blogs who are on blogger - and apparently it's a universal issue.
Anyone have any helpful tips on MOVING the whole thing, if I decide to go that way?
(oh and I realize you won't be able to leave me a comment so if you have ideas or comments pertaining you can shoot me an email at lavernefang@aol.com).

I'm also going to strip out all of affiliate ads except blogher ads because they are just cluttering up my mess I think. Also accepting thoughts on that.

Next, I welcome another member of my family into the blogosphere. First my sister- in-law started blogging then I got my brother to occassionally contribute over on THE WEIGHTING and now he's got his very own blog. Go Give him some love.

Last of all........and this might be the big one.

For those of you who are fans or those of you WILL soon be fans.......DIVAVILLE is coming back. If you haven't checked it out I highly recommend it.


coolbeans said...

I'm going to try to leave a comment.

The move from Blogger to WordPress is pretty easy with their uploading tool. (Click, click, done.)

Blogger is so customizable, it's hard to encourage anyone to give that up. The price for greater customization at WP isn't much, but I try to make this habit as inexpensive as possible. Also, if you like watching stats, the free version of WP is frustrating. You just don't get the info you can get at Blogger with all it's plug-in features. But WP is more reliable and has privacy features that I like.

April Brandon said...

I am thinking of moving to wordpress also...that's funny. I've actually started the process, but then thought about all of the things I'd have to change. Blogher, and all of my ads. It's pretty easy to change over to WP, it is time consuming though. I have about 50% of mine over there now. It took an hour or so. I'm just using the free version at the moment. I wanted to make sure its what I really wanted to do before I paid for anything.

Oh...and in my word verification, I had to type LAME...lol.

christa said...

thanks for the link, gidge. ;-)