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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Shaking It Off

We've probably been IN too much, the twins get antsy when we don't GO GO GO and they've been fighting and carrying on more than usual. We decided that since the girl's soccer team has a bye week we'd definitely go out for the day and there was a small local festival up the road that fit the bill.
Small town America festivals with the Boy Scouts and Masons hosting activities & food booths are some of my favorite things ever. There were tons of local merchants selling their wares, and after looking at pictures I realized we didn't get any honey! We always get honey! Note to self, Charlie could really use local honey - the poor kid is allergic to all the things.
But what we really needed was something that would make four children squeal and laugh and let off pent up energy.
The Boy Scouts were running this and they were great with the twins, very understanding of their boundaries - such as don't pull on Miles foot to help him go higher - but you can pull on the strap to his harness and send him sky high NO PROBLEM. The foot though? Hell no. They made a really positive experience and all four kids bounced their little brains out, jumping higher and higher. Charlie especially loved it, but Charlie loves things that fly. Before we knew he was autistic we always said Charlie would be a pilot. Now of course I'd have to advise you NOT to get on that plane.

It wouldn't be a trip to a festival without some festival foods, and we had to feast on some funnel cake (My Hunny's favorite) and some Menchie's frozen yogurt. My friend Gogo has recommended Menchie's forever and I was excited to finally try it. It was everything she said, and then some. I just took a picture of the Sweet Butts BBQ because I have the maturity of a 12 year old. Also, I wish I'd had some BBQ now.
We stopped here to look at the Tigger, I only noticed the cigar store Indian afterward lol. The guy does chainsaw carving, apparently he'd been doing some of it live before we got there and we missed that bit.

Before we went home we explored a couple of antique shops. I took this picture of Julia under the dryer because my Uncle George had this EXACT hair dryer back in the day. EXACT. I took the picture for my mom. It occurred to me that my daughter is the first generation that won't have this experience of getting her hair done by Uncle George. My great grandma, my grandma, my mom and I had the luxury of a stylist in the family for a long time. He's been dead since I was a freshman in college but it feels like he should still be here.

At least I don't have to worry about him cutting all her hair off one day because she wants a Dorothy Hamill cut. (Sorry about that Mom).

I also picked up a nesting doll (actually from Russia SCORE) and I'm pretty pleased with it. I saw about 1000 things that I really want. Visiting antique stores makes me want to redecorate my house and entertain all the time.

No time for that today though, I have to walk about the door in 59 minutes for Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson and head to Montreal for a few days to work with some really great people. I hate leaving, I have to confess. I LOVE to travel but I always get to this point before I go that I don't want to go at all. I want to stay home.

But I can't.

Now to hope the twins are good for the husband while I'm gone. Crossing fingers.