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Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Survived

These four people just spent four days with me while I coughed and wheezed all around them. I'd say how sorry I am except I had a really amazing time with them and it seems like I only had a cold, although it felt like the death on Monday.

We had long meetings which were pretty interesting and I enjoyed despite my nonstop consumption of liquid and medicine. But we also go to have a lot of fun - way more than I expected.
I got to drive the boat. This is a scary proposition to me, but I didn't crash it nor did any other person with me who ALSO drove the boat so I guess it all ended up ok. I had to use the head, which was apparently in contention for THE WORST TOILET IN SCOTLAND, and featured this view as you sat on it.
Since that window was open I had visions of the ship sinking and me dying on the loo as the water rushed in, taking me to my watery, toilety grave, while my team mates all swam to safety - minus a few eaten by sharks.
What is weird in a lot of my pics is I can see how much weight I've lost, I don't hate every single picture of myself, so for a change yeah, I'm in a lot of these. It feels weird I admit. I also see how much I need to stop having big ice cream filled cocktails but that's another story.

It was a really busy but great four days. I got to know people I didn't know very well, and now they all know that I'm extremely silly. Damn I was keeping it a secret from most of them. I felt really good to have been invited to participate and you can't tell it but we did work hard every day. We just played hard at night to burn off steam. I also slept like the dead every single night because well, sick.
I feel really amazingly fortunate to have been to Charleston TWICE in two months. It's a beautiful place to go and recharge. I admit though, coming home and bathing in my own shower was simply divine. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed with a five year old tucked under my chin, even though she should be in her own bed.
Now we're having a delayed Taco Tuesday, because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME......

I'm glad to be home.