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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I Think One Of Those Apocalypse Seals Just Got Broken

You know the ones. The ones where the Angel breaks one and something crazy happens. Like the moon turns to blood, or the seas boil, right? Or, a child gets out of the tub to pee. That's one of them, right?

It probably isn't that abnormal for a TEN YEAR OLD unless of course you're one of my special little guys, and for whatever reason, autism doesn't really help you learn that pull ups at the age of ten are gross. It also doesn't seem to help you realize that peeing in the tub is SO GROSS.

It is doubly gross when you are in there with your brother.

I'd like to pretend that this is an out of the ordinary incident, this tub peeing, but it's not. I do PUT them on the potty and heck sometimes they even GO before the tub. And then the tub comes and it's all WATER WATER EVERYWHERE and yeah sometimes it happens.

Today however, I was toweling off Charlie in the bedroom and Miles was still floating around the tub like a glutton of water and singing something about Y is for Yellow when I looked away and heard the toilet seat clink.

I hopped up and ran in the bathroom to see what had happened.

The child was peeing in the toilet. ON HIS OWN.

There may be hope yet folks. There may be hope yet.