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Friday, December 27, 2013

Monster In My Walls

Two years ago on April 1 I heard some sort of noise in our crawl space. Skittering running and rattling, it was disconcerting. I woke my husband up but due to my unfortunate timing, he thought it was an April Fools joke. Almost but not quite one year later - it happened again - and I convinced him we had a problem because it started again, but not on April 1.

In the last week, there has been something in the outside wall of my computer room, and now this morning - in my kitchen wall. Whatever is happening in my kitchen is more frantic, running and crashing into the two by fours and making an incredible racket while my coffee is brewing.

What the hell.

I guess you call an exterminator, the kind that does large pest removal. It reminds me of someone I knew who had a raccoon that broke into their attic every fall. They had it trapped and removed. And it came back. They knew it was the same one, because the exterminator tagged it. Every year they heard the crashing in their attic and had to pay to get him trapped and removed ONE MORE TIME. Apparently he really liked them.

We already had to throw away all our camping equipment and stuff because it was covered in various wild animal poo. And the other stuff that was in the crawl space, it has an entrance from our computer room and we were using it for storage.

I feel like the coyotes from the forest just aren't doing their job if I have wild animals in my walls. Or perhaps these beasts are seeking sanctuary.

Well, that's just a bad idea, because seriously you can't say here. BAD SQUIRREL.