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Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Boy Turns Ten

The Room We Rented HAD A DRAGON
Well he wanted a laser tag party and we don't always DO a big party with friends, but 10 is a big one, a milestone birthday. You move into double digits and nothing is ever the same again is it? Not quite a child not quite a teen, not even a tween.
So, a room with a dragon bursting through the wall for your party is probably right on schedule.
He invited lotsa kids and waddya know, laser tag party? Lotsa kids showed up! Quelle surprise, right?
It kind of nice to me, watching my kid interact with other kids. I always wonder how he is, in his own little world, outside of ours - if kids like him, what they think etc. So, I rather enjoy watching them laugh and giggle with him and just act like nerdy kids.
He picked out his own cake, a dinosaur themed cake, to go with the Star Wars paper goods, to go with the DRAGON/Excalibur sort of themed room (now that I think about it, we coulda had a Game of Thrones party in there) and then, laser tag and video games on top of all of it.
Man, that was probably a pretty good party if you were ten.
Top it off with a Sonic Screwdriver kit from Doctor Who? Seriously, good day.

This kid deserves it. He really does.
I am not sure how we'll top this next year, though.


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