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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Birthday With An Asian Theme

I wasn't sure what to think about turning 44 because that sounds awfully serious and old. But, when I walked into my office Tuesday morning, all hopes of me being expected to be serious or straight laced evaporated.
It's a Hello Kitty meets Halloween theme. Really, how can I be expected to be serious when Hello Kitty meets Halloween? And at the age of 44, to have a Hello Kitty birthday party was about as much fun as I could've expected.
But the husband and the girl met me for lunch and we ventured over to the Megamart which has traditional Asian fare of various sorts. We feasted on steam buns, I had red bean and the husband tried the vegetarian and something else, both he said were spicy and good. I love the Megamart, it's like a crazy Asian grocery store/food court/department store. They have everything, including an escalator especially for your cart.

After work we had been wanting to try out a local Chinese place that feature Chinese and Thai on one side and Japanese on the other. It's got a super kitschy traditional Chinese decor going, tons of gilding and dragons which was epic. We asked if they had any fun drinks, they suggested a Shirley Temple.
Turns out they don't have a liquor license.
Which was fine I had a Tsing Tao and we ordered a feast because we'd never been there and wanted to try a bit of this and that. I think they might've thought we were crazy because it was huge family style portions, but hey leftovers are good.
My kids were impressed AND liked the Thai coconut chicken soup. I thought it was just alright but my palette is not that adventurous. However I AM a big fan of food served on fire or with fire.

The takeaway from the day, I don't mind being 44. In a lot of ways, I kind of wish I could just stick here. It's pretty nice.