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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making the Feast

Our day started off with some petty theft, but not of the worst kind.
Just a little boy who simply COULD NOT WAIT I suppose.
After brunch though, it was time to get cookin'!

To launch the process the boy did his "shaking of the spices" dance.

Then we assembled the items to go inside the bird! Oranges and sage are delish!
And then they start working the bird!
It's such a weird holiday at our house. We don't have people over, it's just us hanging out doing our thing, but still - even with just US it's a wonderful family day. We just do our thing and I enjoy the day so much. I'm not sure it would be so special with a crowd.

Home-made whipped cream anyone?
And as you can see, the boy has made us all placemats and is wearing a lovely salute to Native American which he made at school.
Native Americans were well known for their macaroni necklaces I think.

I hope your feast was happy and joyous. I know ours was.