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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Sound of Silence

I work in a call center. I listen to a room full of people talk all day. I specifically MONITOR people talking on the phone. I have meetings about people talking on phones.
I come home, and I have three little boys who jabber nonstop and a husband who is happy to see me and HE wants to talk to me.......

And well. There's just a lot of talking in my life.

I sometimes crave silence, then - understandably I think.

I had this GREAT idea for today.

I'd get up early (I was going in late so early was relative). I'd sit and relax, and read the news, in silence. I sat down, got about halfway through one story........when I hear "Mom! Can I get up with you?"


Of course you can get up with me.

Silence is over-rated anyway.