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Friday, September 09, 2005

Adventures in Potty Training - Continued

So Louis has made a lot of progress. I really do have to say that there is SOMETHING to be said for waiting until they are very communicative before you start. It's so much easier since we can TALK about this....we can say what we want and he can say what he wants so it's nice.
However, all this talking proves to be to be my undoing a lot of the time.
First of all, there are the "Abidents"
"Sorry Mommy, I peed in my pants, it was an Abident. Abidents Happen."
Then there all the reasons WHY he peed his pants. "Mommy, I peed my pants because I was playing with the babies. " "Mommy, I was watching Blues Clues and I peed my pants."
All of these things belong to the Category of "Abidents" in his world, which is a riot.
In addition to this, because his father told him it's against the law for him not to be potty trained before his 3rd birthday and that he cannot have a Chuck E Cheese party if he doesn't always use the toilet he asks after each successful toilet trip "Is Chuck E Cheese open? Is it my birthday?"
Tonight however may have been one of my favorites.......as we were all eating dinner he says "Mom, the spaghetti sauce made me pee my pants."

He almost made me pee mine.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I need further explanation on how spaghetti sauce can cause one to pee one's pants.

Gidge said...

Perhaps we'll understand more if tomorrow bbq ribs make him pee his pants.
We must wait and see.