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Saturday, August 06, 2005

And there would be no more Lou

We've been trying to teach Louis about death. He's still a little young, maybe, but there have been some situations where we needed to explain it. His friend Andy's dog died, we see dead lizards outside (he suggests they will be better on Friday), and then there have started to be rough play incidents that are unsafe. He doesn't mean any harm but he doesn't understand he's too strong or playing too rough with the babies. Such as - he put a pillow from the couch on Charlie's head and jumped on it.
Lucky we caught that one, eh?
And he's been throwing things, some of which tag the babies in the head - last night I took one in the glasses from his Lightsaber (we were watching STAR WARS - he was being DARTH VADER apparently). So we've had some serious disciplinary discussions "If you do that to Charlie you might kill him, Charlie would die and we'd have no more Charlie...." etc.
Apparently he's got it, at least sort of.
A couple of nights ago he winged a HOTWHEELS car and it banged into my china cabinet - barely missing the glass of the door. After I got done warming up his behind I'm down on my knees holding his upper arms giving him the old "Do you understand how dangerous it was to do that? You could have been hurt if that glass broke! If that glass broke...."
and he cuts me off and says "Lou would die, and then mommy and daddy would have no more Lou. Lou would be gone forever."

Oh my god. I burst into tears. Which I think upset him more. He crawled up on my lap and told me I was his sweetheart and not to cry that Lou was still here.

But still......I suppose I just can't even stand the thought of it said so matter of factly.
At least he's maybe getting the concept........