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Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Are No Donuts as Good As Roslyn's?

When I grew up in Indy, no pastry, donut or cake was as good as the one's you would get at Roslyn's. Forget it, everyone else in the world would pale by comparison. My first birthday cake came from there - a carousel with horses and extravagant piping. The "Alligator" a big danish for Saturday or Sunday breakfast that was lavish, was a huge treat. Napoleon's -the Hoosier version of Neapolitan's - always icy cold and sweet. And their donuts.
Oh, my God.
Their donuts.
Melt in your mouth, sweet but NOT TOO SWEET perfect every single time.

I miss them like crazy.

I bring this up, because the husband was just eating a grocery store donut and lamenting about how lame it is. How really NOT GOOD store bought donuts are.

The Roslyn's - and Indianapolis Institution for a billion years, well it turned out that the bakery where they did all their baking was covered in rat feces and other equally icky things. They got shut down HARD and have been gone a long time. I never got SICK eating Roslyn's though. Never. Not once.

Damn health inspectors.

So this begs the question then.

Where are the GOOD donuts in Atlanta. A Good, NON KRISPY KREME - NON DUNKIN' DONUTS yeast donut? Can I GET good donuts here?