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Monday, May 05, 2008

Know What Sucks?

Accidentally brushing your stitches instead of your teeth.

Yeah. Back to mashed potatoes for me.

So in the great house hunt of '08 we have a list of contenders, and when we go see some I might post some pics. I'm fairly excited.

In other completely unrelated news, The Husband and I just watched LOVE ME LOVE MY DOLL on BBC America, last night.

Dude. These guys have ISSUES. They all keep talking about how having a REAL DOLL is great because at least they have some female companionship.
Ummm, no you don't.
You have a doll.

I'm sorry. Freak show. You have a doll. And I've got no issue with you and your sex with your doll - I even understand dressing her up to look pretty before you put it to her. But the concept that you think she's your girlfriend, that you talk to her and think she is your companion.....that's actually quite sad.

Some of these guys didn't SEEM like bad guys.

Maybe if they didn't expect women to act like Barbies and have no brains they might actually meet one and have a real relationship. With a woman whose tongue you don't have to remove and clean.

If you haven't seen the Real Doll Repair site.....it's a hoot. And now, I realize that this is actually helpful info for some people.

After having reviewed this site again......don't the dolls have buttholes? How sad...


Anonymous said...

guess who's home watching people put in her flooring? me! but im excited about your house hunting. will there be a big housewarming bash? i surely hope so. We'll bring beer for the rents and candies for your babies. (if candy is mommy approved of course.) :)


Anonymous said...

Hell, beer is mommy approved for the kids around here.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Real Doll link:


Gidge is nice but, well you know....

BTW, they do have buttholes and you can get males, trannys and weird things like alien skin-in case the thought of having sex with a plastic tranny isn't weird enough for you.

Rachel said...

That's a bit skeezy.. yikes.
Good luck on the house hunting, it is so exhilarating and frustrating all at the same time. Good luck and I look forward to the posts.
It calls for red wine, beer and ritas.. not necessarily combined, but whatever ;-0