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Thursday, May 01, 2008

When I Start Extracting Those Molars You Girls Will Be Screaming Like Holy Rollers

Time to pay the piper.
Broken tooth.
Must come out, too broken to fix.
Off I go to the oral surgeon tomorrow, for some sort of extraction, they'll decide when I get there how they have to go at it, as it's broken DOWN into the gum.

I can't believe I broke the damn thing on popcorn of all things. It just blew apart in my mouth. And I've lived with it for a while, but it just bothers me all the time, this hole in my mouth with poky sharp bits sticking up through the gums.

So I finally quit being scared and made the phone call and figured out the insurance and so tomorrow, at 1:30 they are either pulling or cutting out a tooth in my head.

Now, I'm freshly scared AGAIN.

This is going to suck.

Maybe they'll let me take pictures? I'll wear my "I'm Blogging This" tshirt for comic relief maybe.


I hate being the grown up.


Frank said...

It will be okay, Sweetie. And, when did you grow up?