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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Has This House Been Psychologically Damaged?

The House Hunting has begun in earnest. We saw three last night.
First off, one which could have been the winner if the previous owners who LOST the house in foreclosure weren't dicks and trashed the house before leaving.
They ripped the wallpaper off the walls -yes ripped it damaging the dry wall underneath. Took all the fixtures. Etc.
A shot of the looking into the fenced back yard.

And picture looking at the back of the house.
And then, the backyard which would of course have to be chopped back to China to make it come back as usable.

Alas, this house got nixed. Water damage, total rehab being required just makes it unlivable for such a big family of little kids. It would've been rather fantastic actually if the previous owners hadn't made it so atrocious inside. So thanks to them, you really showed that bank a thing or two by trashing.
You also denied my family an opportunity at owning a lovely house.

Another house we looked at sat on a lot of land, and it is truly FANTASTIC inside - well fitted but, the rooms are kinda choppy, small. The kids are upstairs, we would be downstairs......and it's a little rural. Now, I LIKE it. It's the #2 contender currently. It's just a bit of a weird arrangement. I couldn't take pics because the power wasn't on and it was 9pm at night.

The last house, the contender and the one we'll probably make an offer on muy pronto is.....

I need to get a better pic but it was night time. 3 bedrooms, bonus room, 2.5 baths 2 car garage and a fully fenced in back yard WITH a brick patio.

I'm in love.

Yes, native Atlantans, I am moving FURTHER OTP.

It doesn't mean I'm less cool. It means I am BRINGING cool north.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Woo hoo!

Being a homeowner is great. You'll hardly miss all that free time.

Marketing Gorilla said...

#2 house has orbs in the front yard picture. Those are ghosts...Enjoy.

Frank said...

When I took the picture, I had the same thought as Greg. I actually deleted the most ghost orb-irific picture.

Gidge said...

Now that I realized it wasn't rainy or anything like that, on that night.....
this damn haunted ass house is completely out of contention.