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Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm in Stitches

I feel rather ok today. Not perfect, sort of - off kilter. But the pain is minimal...nothing like the crawling fingers of searing agony that were threatening to get a firm hold on my jaw yesterday.
I kept them at bay with the Kryptonite of searing agony - Vicodin.
I hurt, but mostly I just feel.....heavy.
And not just because I'm a big old fat person.

I just feel rather off, too heavy, too slow, clearly this is why you should not operate heavy machinery. I haven't HAD a Vicodin since last night at about 9pm. The nurse assistant had said that I would probably need one every 4 hours for the first 24hours. So I'm pretty happy not to need one this morning.

At least not yet.

I slept like 16 hours all told in the last day.

A brief PSA for how wonderful my husband is. I had to eat only soft foods yesterday. So that I would not feel left out, he made an entire dinner of only soft foods for everyone. Soup,mashed potatoes, corn souffle, spinach souffle. It was so wonderful.
He was so understanding when I needed a Vicodin in the middle of dinner and then about 20 minutes later just excused myself and went to bed for the night. Even though he had wrangled the kids solo all day he took care of them for the night and let me sleep like the dead.

I love him so.


Rachel said...

What a wonderfully sweet husband.
Sorry about your pain, hopefully the Vicodin will help you and that you'll recuperate quickly.

dana said...

Your husband is so kind. Mine would have made himself a steak while I had mashed potatoes. :)