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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A History of Razor Blades

We've got a family tradition.
Take a small child.
And a sharp object.

Put them together and see what zany fun ensues!

When I was little, about a year old, I picked up a pop top from one of my dad's beers (remember pop tops?) and chewed it up until I had shredded the crap out of my gums. My mom was alerted by the blood rushing out of my mouth.

When my brother Matt was little we were getting ready to go out and we called "Matt where are you?" and he answered "Getting Ready!".
That sounded bad.........so we went to find him, and he was in the bathroom - shaving his face.


This weekend I was taking a shower. I dutifully set the Mach 5 razor blade on the inside of the shampoo bottles on the ledge. I was washing my hair when a little blonde head poked around the shower curtain smiling. "Hi baby." I said to Baby Birdman and leaned my head back to rinse out the shampoo. I had a passing thought - RAZOR BLADE.

But no, he's 4. And it was on the inside of all the bottles. He wouldn't have seen it right?

I quickly rinse and look down - RAZOR BLADE GONE!

I yelled to The Husband - and sure enough - There was Baby Birdman.

Shaving his gums.


I assured The Husband it was ok.

It runs in the family.

** Addendum!

At least it wasn't one of these.