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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Things We Overlook

At my last job, they acted like a bunch of dicks all the time when you wanted time off (ex. I missed 5.5 weeks of work when my twins were born. That's right - 5.5 weeks bcse I was worried about losing my job). You had to be at work 6 days a week even if that sixth day was spent having useless random meetings or sitting in your office looking busy.
Holidays, family birthdays etc were never about what days you got off - but how little you had to end up working.

I guess you just get used to stuff though, especially when they pay is good.

I never really realized what it was doing to my family though until last Thanksgiving. Lil Satchmo was floored - just FLOORED that I had 4 days off! 4 days? For Thanksgiving!?!? "Does your company know?" I assured him they did. "Do you have to use Vacation days?" No.

So now it's another holiday, a year later into my new job - and I've got a three day weekend.

He tells me last night as I'm tucking him in. "I think your new job is better. They let you have days off so you can snuggle with me in the mornings sometimes."

I think so too.


emma said...

Is it bad that I get teary eyed at the sweet things your kid says? I'm in baby mode. sigh.

Barbara Raymond said...

That story makes my uterus ache.

In a good way.