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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Enjoy The Louvre - And You Should Too

Well - in fairness, it was a travelling Louvre exhibit. But I might never GO to the Louvre and my children might not, and with that being said - I think that getting to see the amazing pieces is not to be missed. So I take my children to the lovely HIGH Museum of Art when we can.

My kids are there, and that probably messes with your awesome experience of soaking in the art. I don't really care. They also deserve to see these amazing pieces, learn about the Tuileries gardens and have their minds enriched. Yep, even the autistic ones. Why?

Because art is good for you even when you don't exactly know it is. I know it makes an impact on the twins, because when they've done their "what I did this summer" reports for school, one of the pictures they choose for their responses is "museum".

They might make some weird noises, and jump or flap their arms, but they aren't chewing on the art so you don't have to worry.

Also at the HIGH was the GO WEST exhibit which Louis was VERY interested in seeing.

There was an interactive work space where kids could make their own OLD WEST style art, with tons of options and honestly, so easy a three year old sat down and make a picture. This is hers.
Louis spent more time making his and and was pretty proud of it. It's always interesting to see the choices they make when they have the opportunity to create things.
Miles decided he had to get into the action too, and once Julia was done with HER picture, he created a social commentary of some sort I think.
Charlie on the other hand wasn't having any of this "doing activities" business.
My sweet little Charlie doesn't understand that he isn't a tiny little boy. So he gets very sad when I won't carry him about halfway through anything we ever go do. Luckily most museums have spots to sit and take in (or ignore) the art for patrons.

Days full of art are good days, even with Charlie's protests and the confused eyes of strangers on us.

I can't wait till our next one.