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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How About You Change Those Boys?

The girl has been getting her sleep schedule off more and more, of late. She wants to stay up with Daddy after we all go to bed. I get her up early on the weekend, about 8 am usually, and so in theory that gets her back on schedule somewhat.
Yesterday I got her up at about 8 after she stayed up playing and going on second wind until after 2am.

She was remarkably not cranky and fussy all day, shockingly. She even fought me on going to bed. I AM NOT TIRED she declared. I knew that couldn't actually be true. I sent her to snuggle in bed with her big brother so I could stay up and watch Masters of Horror with my husband, as close as we get to a date these days.

This morning however, tucked under my chin, was a little blonde ball of blonde, sucking her thumb and in a deep, slack jawed sleep. I kissed her and said good morning, as I heard the boys stirring and running up & down the hall way. I whispered "Let's get up."

She opened her eyes and said "How about you change those boys first?"

I laughed and slipped out of bed around her. She fell back into dead sleep. I tucked her into bed - and the twins and I had breakfast without her or Louis.

There was a bit of screaming and fit throwing at breakfast when I suggest we NOT spit at the table. However it was isolated to a five minute window. Miles is playing ANGRY BIRDS and Charlie is wandering around flipping a ribbon. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on but I might be the only one watching it.

I'm going to go wake her up within the next hour, I am going to let her soak up the snuggly sleep however - I know I wish I could.