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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Like Glitter In The Sidewalk

Our last week has been a week of have to do moments. School is back, and that means only one thing, conformity. No more slap and dash and make it work because we all have places to BE by goodness. 

That's hard for us. You'll hear a lot of dreck about how much better Autistic kids do on schedules. Ok no that's not dreck, what IS however, is how casually people say those words. Like it's easy. Remember how easy it was to make your baby go to sleep without crying? It's that easy.

There are whole books written about how to lay your baby down to sleep and how to cope with the crying. NOVELS, methodologies, you can take classes about it. Now imagine that every single behavior you want your child to exhibit - let's say SITTING DOWN IN THEIR SEAT AT DINNER - requires that kind of work on your part. That kind of patience, and practice. 

What's good is yes, they DO love the routine of school. ONCE THEY GET IT. 
We spent our last hours of freedom before we had to start invoking the process of SCHOOL ROUTINE in the woods around us, and at the playground, being silly and taking in the fresh green air. The twins will say HAVE FUN when we head off to these places and they're right, we are going to have fun.
Summer ended with fireworks. The last days were stressful and hard on Mom and Dad and probably on them too as we found our groove again. We're not there yet, not by any means.  But we'll keep finding things that are good, and that make us happy. Usually they are little things, stuff that surprises me that changes my whole outlook for the day. 

Like glitter in the sidewalk. A small touch of sparkle, in an ordinary place. 

The little things, they keep me going.