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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She's A Digi-Girl

Snuggles With My Baby

I didn't know it, but the girl is probably going to be nerdier than her mother. She's definitely a mini-me in a lot of ways, but I often think I see more of HERSELF in her than anyone. Her father disagrees. He thinks she's me in miniature with all of my likes and dislikes and willingness to let you know what they are loudly.

It occurred to me last night how much like me she is, when after stories she carried the book back to my room and crawled into bed with me. "Read again for Julia," she said. 

I was brushing my teeth, putting on lotion, telling her that we'd just read that story - she didn't want it again did she? And she insisted yes, she wanted it again.

I thought I was being slick, when I turned out the light and slipped into bed beside her. I said "But it's dark, Mommy can't read in the dark."

At which point she said "You  need your phone, here Mommy," and reached over to my bedside table to grab my iPhone. "Make the light Mommy."

And with that, I realized, my two year old knew I had the flashlight app. It was time to read.

It is difficult to be annoyed with someone who got me up at 8 am on Saturday when they are so cute. 
Yep, she's me. I like me though. That's probably a good thing.