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Sunday, June 05, 2011

We Love The Renaissance Festival

I'm not sure WHY exactly. It's ridiculously hot and full of smelly, farty people. And it's dirty. OMG the Georgia clay gets on everything.
We still love it.
Why ?
I don't know. Because they serve deep fried foods on sticks.

But more than that we just have these family traditions that despite the heat and the dirt, I think we'd be sad if we missed.

Like all the ridiculous rides. And playing king of the log with your Daddy, who totally kicks your ass. Which, btw, the oldest boy loved.

About the second hour in, during the 100 degree Atlanta heat, it gets kind of miserable I admit it. But I think it's our family's nature to be out DOING stuff, it's just what we do. The kids wake up on the weekend and ask where we are going. I kind of like that.

I think they do too.


Anonymous said...

i alway like that thinking on a weekend..with kids my age you can tell who was placed in front of a tv or went out as a kid.

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