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Sunday, April 29, 2007

And There Were Three Little Bears Sitting on Chairs

Three years ago, shortly before this very hour, this photo was snapped of me.

I realize a scream of horror just went out through the blogosphere. Yes, there I am, Mrs Jabba....on my way to give birth to my equally HUT sized twins.
Today they turn three.
It has been simultaneously the longest and the shortest three years of my entire life. I feel certain that first 4 months were actually six years long.
It has been hard and wonderful, and expensive. There were weeks that they could only drink that formula that is hypoallergenic, the one that is like $25 for the LITTLE can......there were weeks that they wouldn't sleep in their own beds, they would only sleep in their car seats or swings.

Somehow they grew up. And now they are big boys.

And they apparently drive a bus.


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday to your twins. I've followed yours, Sara, & Becky's blogs for quite sometime now all because our twins' birthdays are all so eerily close. My twins turn 3 today.

Frank said...

Best years of my life. Happy birthday sons.