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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Weird Stuff From My Day

Okay so a couple of random things from my day.
First - there is this dude that amuses me at the tollboth of the Veterans expressway near the Waters Exit. I call him the Hippie, but in fact he is just more of a stoner - I cannot confirm his hippie-ness or deny it. But I am confident he's been stoned in that toll booth on more than one occasion. Regardless, I always feel sort of silly and happy when I see him. He's a constant in the sea of change, and I like it when random fate sends me through his line. I don't like SWITCH lines or anything to go through his line, it's not LOVE or anything, it just amuses me. It's sort of familiarty or something.
I ran into him at WalMart (piss off all you anti-WalMart-ites, you have three kids and try to afford NOT to shop there). He didn't see or recognize me, but I saw him like a BEACON standing in the personal hygiene dept - looking at deodorant or some such mortal thing. He was wearing his toll booth operator Tropical Shirt. This was sort of annoying, I didn't really want the Hippie treading out of his booth into the world I inhabit - he needs to stay in his booth.
Almost like magic, I stopped seeing him on the Veterans. I would look around the booths, but no Hippie (I strive never to learn his name). I had begun to think he had vanished from the toll booth world, since I had seen him out in the REAL WORLD.
But today, on my way back from shopping, as I pulled up to my toll booth to pay...at the next toll booth to my left........THERE HE WAS!!!
I was so happy I almost giggled. How silly is that?
On another subject, I saw a mail order bride at the mall. This is the only way to describe what I saw. I saw this dorky fat dude with this chubby Asian woman he had clearly dressed up as some sort of cross between Betty Paige and Minnie Mouse. She was heavily bejeweled in a fashion that did not match her Minnie Mouse polka dot black dress. And while he was very attentive and buying her things etc, it was weird - it was like he was showing her off.
They were married because they had on matching rings, unless that's a new thing people do with hookers that I don't about. It was sort of surreal.

And I change about 10 poopie diapers today.
Don't envy me - yes my life IS this dreamlike!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I understand. I have a favorite bag boy.