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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Billy Blanks Understands That You are Fat and Lazy

So as a Mom and someone who works outside the home about a million hours a week, I am faced with a frustration that I suppose a lot of people have. I have no time. I have no time to do much of anything, and anything I do that isn't a chore seems like I'm wasting time.
But lately, I've started doing something very me-centric and I'm totally digging it. Simone at work loaned me Billy Blanks BOOT CAMP DVD.
Let me tell you something. Billy Blanks understands that you are fat and lazy.
While he's encouraging you to stick it out, do all the reps with him, it's almost like he's comforting you. Letting you know HE knows it's hard. That it's okay to get a drink if you need one. I mean seriously, this may be corny, but he's totally encouraging you. It's like he's saying "I know you are fat and lazy and that you don't want to be.....and this is going to be hard but It's OKAY."
And I think that's why I'm doing it almost every night, more than once if I have time. Right now it's after midnight and I'm sitting here drenched in sweat, completely happy. I was too worn out to do the whole DVD tonight because it's so late......but I did more sets than I have ever done in the calistenics section. It's weirdly satisfying.
It also is awesome for your frustrations........
I read somewhere that it is better to exercise either in the morning or at night but I forget which. I don't care, this is my free time so this will just have to be it.
I don't want to be a skinny person. I just want to be a less flabby person. That's really all I'm going for here.
I think Billy is showing me the way.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Go Billy!

Becky said...

He tells you to drink? I need me some Billy Blanks. Screw the exercise. I want drinks.