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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Adventures in Potty Training II

So we're at the Olive Garden when it's declared "I have to go to the restroom mom."
And I'm so proud, off we go to the restroom, find a nice big handicapped stall and we're set.
Except that he's been eating breadsticks and is COVERED with salt and butter on his hands. "Mommy I can't pull down my pants my hands all dirty!" So okay, I oblige and help a little guy out.
Then he scoots up to the toilet (pants around the ankle style) and he's just THAT Much too short, if you catch my meaning.
At which point he exclaims loudly "Mommy my hands are dirty, please hold my penis - the PEE IS COMING OUT!!!" I hesitated and got another "Hold my penis mom!"
I have a choice, help out or let him pee all over the floor and his pants. Man, there is nothing about this in "What to Expect When you are Expecting" I tell you. It has since been pointed out that I could have just picked him up.......but I panicked in the heat of the moment.

The second time he was a big boy and told me that he had to go AGAIN we couldn't go in to the Handicapped stall - someone was in there. I told him we'd just use a different one. He, however had different ideas. He walked up to the door and proclaimed loudly "I'm waiting my turn, mom."

Whomever was in the stall thought that was cute and called out "Oh that's sweet - I'll be right out."

It was a very potty training filled night, let me tell you.


Becky said...

We should write our own book. We'll scare the hell out of the "What to Expect" crowd.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We could easily bring down the overpopulation problem with a book like that.

We'll just leave out all of the good stuff.

christa said...

and you know why he likes that handicapped stall so much, don't you?

he likes to spread out.

tammy said...

It's sad, but I've had to hold it for my kids before too. Then they had to sit on the potty if they were too short to reach. This also kept driplets off of their pants for the rest of the evening...

april said...

let me tell you....hunter wouldn't use a public potty. He wore a pull up just in case, and he would hold it for as long as he could. Then he'd go in the pull up. I don't have a problem getting him to use a public potty anymore, he wants to use it no matter where we are. Every time we go to walmart, he has to go at least once....LMAO