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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Day Spa de Sade

So I popped over the the Day Spa after work with my friend Shannon. We were having some lovely pedicures when after a little wine we were convinced to allow them to paint crazy stuff on our big toes. I chose a floral design, Shannon got a diamond-firework sort of thing. It is sort of ghetto yet funny to me all the same. Not at all professional, but in all honesty tons of people at my work have this sort of ornamentation so it won't look OUT OF PLACE there.
But, the charming bit of my story is this. I needed to get my eyebrows done. Anyone who has ever been to a day spa run by Asians knows how hilarious and scolding that they can be.
While Shannon was getting her toes done, the guy doing her toes taps her toes and says "Who do this? WHO PAINT THIS MESS?" and she had to confess she had done it.
They have no fear of shaming you, they aren't worried about their tip let me tell you.
So I went to the waxing room for my eyebrows to be returned to a pre-werewolf state.
While in there, the lady TAPS my upper lip and says "You need this, you too hairy. I do lip too?" And I figured what the hell. I needed to Nair it, and a good waxing would last longer.......so I agreed.
Everything was gonig fine......until she smeared the wax UP MY NOSE.
She says "You need this done - too hairy."
Okay seriously, I did not have crazy hair growing out of my nose like an old man. It was fine. Just your normal woman nose hair like it should be.
She ripped that hair out just like it was my eyebrows or any other part. My eys watered, I sneezed, my nose ran - I think my ears bled.
Now I have to wonder, is the hair in my nose going to grow back in crazy?
Am I the only person on the earth that has ever had this done to them?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

That seriously scared me.

Heidi said...

okay, now you have to send me $70 -$20 to replace the chair cushion, $50 to have the area rug cleaned.

Because I PISSED MYSELF reading this one.

I have never never heard of waxing nose hair. That is INSANE!

I did have a friend who got her hootchie hair lasered off from stem to stern.

I was baffled by this...I kept saying, 'You had underwear on, right?' Nope. 'You had a thong on, though, didn't you?' Nope.

All I could think of was the visual, 20 times worse than going to the gyno... there's some strange woman with a little hand held laser gizmo, zapping my pubes one by one (and of course she'd have to practically put her nose in your snatch to SEE where to put the wicked wand).

It cost about $400.

I'm sorry, I would have to be a smackhead homeless crack addict who had already robbed her mother and had no other options in order to take this job.

And God forbid you meet a new person and have to tell them what you do for a living...

Becky said...

Note to self: Keep my nose FAR away from the Day Spa.

Mame said...

I have a mirror up my nose, right now. Come on girls, you know that you are doing the same...looking for those crazy nose hairs.

Anonymous said...


april said...

My nose hurts just thinking about it....lol