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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Did the Stones Give Him Stones?

So my hubby and I went to see the Rolling Stones on Weds the 19th. It was the 8 year anniversary of our first date. On that date, which was actually 3 days earlier than our original planned first date (to watch SOUTH PARK at the ALLEY CAT bar, which featured CHEESY POOFS served during the show), we went to my cousins Greek restaurant THE PARTHENON. He had called and asked if I'd like to go have lunch and mentioned he knew this Greek restaurant. I didn't bother to tell him that it was my cousins place. He apparently had run out and purchsed contacts for our date - the first time he had ever worn them, and was 45 minutes late to the date trying to get them in. Which I actually thought was really cute. He had on jeans that were worn in the crotch, sneakers that were worn on all sides, his BW3 workshirt and a Nautica overshirt. We had our first kiss outside on the sidewalk as we parted - he to work and me back home.
What a long strange ride it has been......
In other news, he bought the tickets to the Stones to celebrate our anniversary. When I got home from work that night, he was in a lot of stomach pain, he said it felt like really bad gas. We went to the Stones, but he couldn't enjoy the concert much because he was in so much pain.
Thursday I had to go home from work early because he was in so much pain.
Friday I had to come home again early but convinced him to go see Dr Kim who promptly sent him to the ER.
And they kept him.
So he's still there. They can't find anything wrong but apparently he's still in pain so they're doing the scope down the throat thing today to actually take a look and see what is up.
We've all been stranded here at home since he has the car, but Becky and Sarah and Leslie and other hordes from my work have been on standby to get us what we need or take us to get the car. Sarah brought over Miles antibiotic prescription last night and some staples - and a six pack. So we're set for another day. We'll have to go get the car and no mistake today if they keep him for surgery or something. But for now we hope they do the test and send him home.


Anonymous said...

I remembered the jeans but you remembered my whole outfit. Wow.

Gidge Uriza said...

And you never think I remeber anything.....