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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Return from the Land of Corn

I can't believe I gained a pound.
Wait, yes I can. I was at home for 4 days eating whatever I pleased........hmph.
Back on track today. Only dipped like 2 points into the old flex today. Very good.

Well we had a blast of a trip home to Indy to see the folks and go to Matt and April's baby shower. The list of fun activities that we got to experience were (and in no order)
  • The Children's Museum of Indianapolis with the Memmers
  • Visiting with Tim and Justin
  • Seeing the Train Yard where Uncle Matt works and a freight engine at full speed flying away
  • Going to the Fire Station to see all the fire trucks
  • Going to the Pizza King station to eat dinner - the train brings around your drinks on these cool train cars
  • Having a cook out and pool party at Carols

Pretty much a little kid's dream - it was a really big time. Plus my folks picked up a little paddling pool for their back yard. We nearly went through a whole pack of swimmers we were in and out of that thing so much. And it was so great to see Matt and April. April's tummy is getting so big - I can hardly wait to see my sweet baby niece. It's so weird because for so many years I was so much older than Matt - but now it's like we're the same age - married with kids. I'm so happy about it though - because Matt has always meant so much to me. We were both kids for a while, even though I was older. Then I was AGES older than him for the longest - really. It's like he was this person I loved so much it hurt - but I just didn't know him anymore.

And now that's all changed and I'm so happy about it because I missed him a lot. Somewhere in my mind he's still the little blonde who used to sneak into my bed at night because he was scared, and who would run screeching into my room "Santa was here- Santa was here" not realizing that I had been up till 2 helping Mom put together whatever godforsaken toy it was he was so overjoyed about.

And so anyway, all sniveling sobby stuff aside.......it was great to go home (but where did all the pollution come from?) and now I'm back to my own home, and it feels even better to be here.

I suppose that's what it means to be a grown up.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ode to a 19inch Magnavox

I am whacked out tired. Louis and I did the big Fathers day thing last night - all Lou's planning. He told Scott "you need to leave", which was hilarious. Lou is so subtle. We baked a cake, all the kids had baths, we wrapped presents(Lou picked out the wrapping paper - MADAGASCAR THEME) and I did a load of laundry. In the midst of this madness MY TV DIED.
We knew it was going - it had a green spot on one corner of the screen so that anything over there had a lovely greenish tinge. And then this week when you turned it on the screen would scramble and roll - like we were trying to watch PPV porn without paying for it - for about 10 minutes before NOGGIN or SESAME STREET would actually come on.
Something like less than 5% of Americans only have one TV. We only had one TV - this little 19 inch TV that used to be Laura's bedroom TV. I traded her the living room furniture for it. It was really a great deal, I think, because I've had it since 1998 with no problem. It moved to Broad Ripple, then to KY then to FLA with us without much incident. But these things are DESIGNED to be replaced. I wonder what one does with an old dead TV? It's probably fixable and I'm far too much of a consumer to pursue that avenue......I want NEW. I should see if Salvation Army or AMVETs takes such things - then maybe it would do some good.
Only 4 days till I fly home to Indy to see my family! I cannot WAIT!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Weight Watchers - They're WATCHING YOU!

Weight Watchers loss 1.8!
That's almost like 2 pounds. It's a miracle since I almsot ate my way through Disney World again. I love the food there. I love the way it smells, I love the way it looks. Even the bad food. I believe that if I did get down to my goal weight
that I would still be a big old fat girl at heart. It's got to be genetic because I could just eat and eat and eat.
On a totally different subject, I walk every day, at least one mile, around our building at work. It takes three laps to make one mile, and it takes me about 15 minutes to do one mile. Where I work is right next to one of the airport final approach fields (with all of the lights and stuff) so there is a lot of wildlife as it's "business park" + protected land. It gets VERY WILD KINGDOM around there some days. We see all sorts of weird bugs and animals romping about doing their thing on their way to the protected land by the airport. But the last two days I have been seeing something that is sort of weirding me out.
Flattened Frogs.
Now, these frogs are on the walking path. This path isn't a thoroughfare to the parking lot or anything, no one uses it BUT the walkers. So - is someone out there walking and STEPPING on frogs? What a dickheaded thing to do.....if that is the case. I can't understand how else it is happening. I'm not exactly watching the ground like a hawk or anything, but I do notice animals on the path - I have SEEN frogs and managed not to squish them. I don't understand just killing a little frog like that. Or if someone is not doing that, then WHAT is happening to these frogs? Aliens coming down and squshing frogs as some sort of experiment?
Some BIG animal using the path at night for exercise and squishing frogs without regard?
I'm a bit surprised and weirded out by the whole thing.
Perhaps there is a frog disease that causes them to die going around, and they flatness is just normal decay.
It's all very troubling.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I owe apologies to many. Many. Many. I owe apologies to all the diners at the Brown Derby at MGM who were trying to enjoy their dates - and their nouveau cuisine, only to have to listen to the shrieking of my children. To the breakfasting families at the Perkins - who again had to listen to the shrieking of my children. To the dining couples at MEXICO at Epcot, who also had to listen to the shrieking of my children. Children shrieking and thrashing and sobbing are not the appropriate background music to a fine Perkins breakfast, nor do they set the mood at that nice Mexican restaurant at Epcot. There is a lovely AZTEC Pyramid, there is a volcano, there is a river, and then.......there are Charlie and Miles McNeal - terrorists of the first order.
The problem is, here in this house, we follow a bit of a Reagan Doctrine (despite being quite liberal) and that is this.
We do not negotiate with terrorists.
This policy has a dual effect. It forces my offspring, after months of conditioning, to behave properly out in public. Louis is a good example of this policy working. He goes out to dinner, eats his meal with pretty much no drama. The twins, however, are in their learning curve. I think they believe that they can tag team us into submission. They are wrong, but the downside to our policy is that despite all logic WE WILL CONTINUE TO TAKE THEM OUT WHICH WILL CAUSE HAVOC WHEREVER WE GO. The havoc will end, and we'll have THREE children who know how to act in public - but the next 3-6 months may be complete drama on the eating out front.
I pity those diners who do have the sense to flee when we arrive.
And this SHOULD be a link to a picture of Louis as Han Solo!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Star Wars Weekend - GEEK FEST

So we did the big STAR WARS WEEKEND at MGM STUDIOS. Man it was rainy and MISERABLE. You have NEVER seen so many wet Jedis. Or is it Jedi? I think it is Jedi. It's hard to look cool and in character when you are soaking WET. But we did get rockin Star Wars Weekend T Shirts. (Okay, yes, I AM that big of a geek). My kids on the other hand thought that whole MGM scene was a drag and screamed and cried like RAVING LUNATICS most of the day. They had fun the first day at Magic Kingdom but really, MGM and EPCOT were like these scenes from a movie where you're watching the characters and every move they make is the wrong one. Such as "We'll go to dinner at Brown Derby for guaranteed seating at FANTASMIC" - and then you $150 dinner is a nightmare because your kids scream and cry and horrify the other diners all night. And then you go to FANTASMIC because your two year old likes Dragons lately, but then you realize he only likes the fun cartoon dragons who sing and dance, not the DEVIL SOUL SUCKING DRAGONS of Fantasmic.
Yeah, THAT was a good idea.
It was like watching someone elses demon children - only they were mine - and I HAVE TO TAKE THEM HOME WITH ME WHETHER I WANT TO OR NOT.
And well, despite the fact that the weekend was wet due to Tropical Storm Arlene, and the kids were MONSTERS of the WORST SORT, it's still fun to take your kids to Disney.

Even when they are bad.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

PACKED - it's a miracle

After much consternation over which cute stuff my kids are going to wear, I am PACKED for Disney World. This is some sort of record, I am usually up till 2am doing laundry because I realize that the outfits I WANTED are not clean. Louis has new Thomas shirts to wear but the twins had a lot of new clothes that I want to trot out. I relish being able to dress them alike. It's so silly, but I LOVE It. I know that eventually they will thwart me, and refuse to dress alike but for now THEY ARE MINE and I will make them as cute as I like.
So I have to work all day tomorrow, most of my day will involve trying to talk to people about the new timeclock system and how to get paid appropriately - THAT should be fun. And about their idle time - the amount of time that they screw off on the phones is now going to be quite a serious issue. So I get to be THE MAN tomorrow. I am pretty sure I will lose some cool points for that but whatever, I don't get paid to be cool, I get paid to be THE MAN.
I don't really understand why people don't get that they have to work while they are at work. I mean really, is this THAT big of a point of confusion? Did we advertise some sort of party when we ran that ad in the paper? I'm not really sure, but I do know that despite a better comp package that has been put into place, there will be whining about their idle time and the requirements.
Oh well.
Let the games begin. After a day of that junk, I will be OFF to Disney World.
I will be keeping a count of how many foreigners accost me to praise my fertility, blessedness at being given to many sons ETC. I doubt I will ever be able to top the lady who made her daughter hold my hand for good luck........THAT was the best.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Something Gained

Weight Watchers Results +3 pounds.

Oh hell where did I go wrong? Was it the fried chicken dinner? Was it the Mississippi Mudd Pie? Was it the three days on end that I didn't count my points at all?
This week has been a total failure. I am annoyed.
I'm also experiencing some sort of ovarian discomfort. Ovulating? Pregnant? I am not good at keeping track of these things, but I think it is ovulation. I took a Tylenol and hope it goes away as I have a crapload of packing to do today.

In work related fun, we had a huge brouhaha today over a package insert that was being sent to our customers. It featured "adult" lingerie items complete with nudity! Turns out the VP who signed off on it is a notorious degenerate tit-freak so there was a lot of sniggering AT him as he got his head handed to him by the BOSS. He is bitter, mostly at me, as I brought it up, and at my boss who took it to THE boss. But our customers were really freaking out about it. Who would have ever suspected we had such a large Puritan customer base? It was a laugh riot most of the day as the chaos ensued to STOP the flow of those items out of our warehouse.

I am not hopeful for my weight this next week, as it's a long weekend at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. How in the world am I supposed to lose weight there? Hell we go there just for the restaurants in many cases!

Okay, off to pack.......no seriously, I have to get working. I can't just hang out and play video games. Or can I?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Moms + Manicures....why bother?

Seriously, I just got a manicure and a pedicure on Friday night, and while my nails on my feet are lovely, my fingernails are TRASHED. They look like SH*T. Most of the damage occurred while I was prying my kids in and out of their car seats. I mean dear god WHY does that have to be such and ordeal that it pops the polish off of my nails? IS it so much to ask, to be a mom and have manicured nails? I could get the fakies, acrylics or some other such thing, but that requires upkeep that isn't negotiable. At least I can take the polish off and not look crazy. It's next to impossible to find time to do my nails at home anyway so getting them done elsewhere is usually my own option, but now I'm thinking that spending the money is just an absolute waste of cash. I should just have them do the feet and save the 10 bucks.

In other news I saw an Endodontist today (oh my what a cutie) and need like 3 friggin root canals. I am not amused.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

I had thought I would sneak out of bed to journal by myself in the peace and quiet this morning. This is no small feat since when I woke up at 8am we were all sleeping in the master bedroom, like we are pioneers or something. But I did manage to wiggle out from between Scott and Louis, sneak off and make a pot of coffee. However, the cracking of my knees (they pop a lot especially when I wake up) woke up Charlie. But I seem to have him happily watching Miffy right now - so I may get some journal time after all.
I have a tons of projects to get done in no particular order, but I'd like to tackle ALL of them today.....I have no real hope of that, but I'd like to. My projects are:
  • Clean out my makeup dresser and throw everything out that is more than 6 months old (yes I have a whole dresser devoted to grooming items)
  • Clean out my dresser drawers futher and donate to the homeless the old clothes
  • Rotate kids clothes, Louis clothes 18-24 months go to the babies, clean out their dresser of everything 6-9 and under and put it all in boxes.
  • Go through boxed baby clothes and sort out all gender neutral items for Matt and April
  • Box up stuff for Matt and April, Mail it.
  • Box up stuff for my mom - mail it. I have a ton of presents and things for her.
  • Box up stuff for Laura - including her very old housewarming present.
  • Do Laundry

I have no real hope of getting half of that done. I can't do it while everyone is asleep because they are IN the room I need to work in. I can't do it once they get up because once they are up, my day is spent with them.

I need them all go TO somewhere, without me.

4 days till vacation. We're going WHERE? DISNEY WORLD!

Mommy Night Out

OOOO! I just remembered, tomorrow is MOMMY NIGHT OUT! Yeah!

Man it's the little things that keep ya going.............three mommies set free on the town for drinks and apps once a month. Is it sad that I feel such joy anticipating it?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

No More Shtraw Shtraw

So I promised Louis that we'd watch movies and bake a cake tonight. He has been begging me for OVER a week to bake a shtraw shtraw cake - his word for strawberry. So I picked up a cake mix the other night so we could. After work I went to get my nails done because I had a crazy day and wanted to relax before my night of mom duty. Louis is quite the baker, so when I got home and we got dinner over with he was READY to go, was telling me to get the sugar and the flour and the rolling pin (in his world, all things are made with sugar and flour and rolling pins) and as we're talking and making our cake I SUDDENLY realized something.
He has quit saying shtraw shtraw.
I said "what kind of cake is this Lou?" and he says "STWABEWWY!"

Man. That was like his last baby word.

I seems like a stupid thing to be sad about, but I really was sort of sad that he had figured out that word, even though I told him he did a GREAT job of saying that big word.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Girls Become Lovers, Who Turn Into Mothers

Weight Watchers Today
-1.8 pounds this week.
-5.8 pounds this session
The quest for the 10% Keychain is now in hot pursuit...........

So I'm at the WalMart giving them a healthy helping of my cash today after work when I stop by the photo counter to pick up some pictures I had dropped off several days ago. And about two minutes after I pick them up, I'm bawling in the photo aisle of Walmart. We've been developing old cameras that were laying around, and I'd picked up the photos of Louis's first birthday that we had never developed. I just can't believe how little he was.......or how big he is now. Or that such things can reduce me to absolute blubbering tears. Such a little guy.

I'm in the process of going through old clothes....man I never get rid of clothes. Ask me about my SWATCH clothes that I just donated to Charity. They were cool in the 80s, man, let me tell you. I can't wear half of this stuff and even if I could I wouldn't wear it. Why do I cart it around from state to state? I work with someone who does charity work with the homeless so I'm donating it to her......I figure at least that way the poor are getting this stuff for free, and some yuppie princess isn't buying it at GoodWill.