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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Weekend 05

We had a pretty laid back Memorial Weekend. One big event was that everyone got new carseats - we're all facing forward now. VERY big stuff. We putzed around on Saturday with our fancy new car seats and then today went down to St Petersburg to the Sunken Gardens.
Scott and I had always wanted to go to those bakc int he day when we were kids, so we were pretty excited to get to check it out. It was amazing humid but extremely beautiful. http://www.sunkengardens.com We tooled around in there enjoying the flora and various lizards running around and then went over to one of the local malls to get out of the freaking Florida Heat.
Pretty mellow day. I'm working tomorrow in exchange for another day off in two weeks - which will be nice. We can go somewhere without the rest of the PLANET being there.

Louis came up to me a little while ago and said "Mommy how do you get a dog?"
Which probably explains our recent fascination with "I want a dog for Christmas Charlie Brown" which we watch daily.

I think somebody wants a dog.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Blog.......the 800 Shoes

So Xta has talked me into going ahead and doing what I've wanted to do for a while, Journal some of this mad life
Xta suggests I start with the tale of the $800 shoes.................
So I went shopping the other night bymyself. I've been acquiring a lot of new clothes lately, fun splashy loud clothes, very much not like my usual matronly work attire. I'm bored what can I say. I found a FANTASTIC pair of flats at Nine West for 29 bucks that was the coup de grace.... but the actual tale is this. I park by Saks because it's a nicer place to park, better lit than the rest of the mall. I had planned to get my feet measured at some shoe store because I haven't had it done properly in years, and my feet ballooned up to an 11ww while I was > pregnant with heckle and jeckle. SO I'm strolling through Saks, looking at all the crap that I not only cannot afford, but wouldn't buy because it's so overpriced when I spy this pair of shoes........and they are SO cute. They were these little tapestry printed flats, a tiny heel.......very simple but elegant. While I am admiring them I flip them over and see the price $800 bucks........oh crap no way, so I set them down when the salesman descends on me. He says "would you like to try them on?" And I suppose I was embarrassed because frankly no one at Saks ever even TRIES to wait on me so I've never actually been in a position where I had to say "oh no, I can't afford these" so I mumbled something about not knowing my size and no thank you. And he says "well let's measure you and see what the damage is" and there I go, with the salesman and the shoes to get measured. What I LEARNED Is that I do not actually have a wide foot, as I believed, I needed a 9 1/2 which I was apparently not at peace with until today. My foot has grown a whole shoe size since high school. But anyway, here he comes, with those damn shoes and he's putting the footie on me, and then he's putting the shoes on. And I'm thinking, well, if these cost $800 dollars....these must be some rockin ass shoes.> God they sucked. The inside felt like burlap. They didn't give at all because the fabric was so stiff, it was sort of like wearing paper mache, I think. I walked around in them a little.......and then I said "who makes these? Prada?" and he said yes. So I slipped them off and said "okay i'm never buying any shoes by Prada, these are the worst shoes ever." And thanked him for his time and walked away............ Dude, I had on $800 shoes. Seriously, that should have been cool. I was impressed until the minute I stood up and tried to walk in them. But, now I know what size I wear. And I got some silly sandals to match the outfits I bought today........at the Payless. ROCK!