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Monday, March 03, 2008

The One Where I Can't Go to The Dentist

So I put off a bunch of dental work after I got the Magical Root Canals from Dr Zaritsky in Tampa, and then I was unemployed and then my insurance took forever to kick in and well, you know, stuff happens.

So, I find out that you have to sign up for a dentist, and then wait until the NEXT MONTH when you appear on the Insurance Company's Roster with the Dental Office before they will make you an appointment.

Ok, no problem.

So I make myself and the Husband appointments at a Dental Office I shall refer to as FUCKTARDS-R-US.

They confirm we ARE indeed on the roster and set up the appointments without a problem.

But then, they day before, Dental Assistant/Office Manager from FUCKTARDS-R-US calls the Husband at home and says "We're cancelling your appointment because you are not on the roster." And he says "No, we are my wife checked." and the rudeass proceeds to tell him off and say that she is IS cancelling our appointment.

So then I take time out of my work day to call these idiots, speak to a less FUCKTARDISH office manager who says "oh gee we're sorry, yeah you ARE, yeah you can have your appointment tomorrow."

And I say CHUCK U FARLEY and tell them no way I'd ever do business with them so suck-it or some other eloquent thing.

I pick another Dentist.

And wait the month for us to get on THEIR roster.

And wait the month for them to get us in.

Then the husband goes to the dentist and LOVES the guy. Loves the office.

Two days later it rains or some shit and SNOW is threatened and they cancel my appointment.

Then something else retarded happens, like, more snow or it rains or the wind blows or the Falcons suck too much or SOMETHING.....and they cancel and have to move my appointment.


We find out that the dentist now has CANCER is retiring and there will be a new dentist in that office. So we wait for that dentist office to get their insurance set up.

And wait.

And wait.


So I pick another dentist. Wish me luck.


Marketing Gorilla said...

I need a place to live in two weeks. Can I bunk with the twins?

Anonymous said...

Good gods almighty! Is it just me or is health insurance getting more and more sucky every year? Chris and I went from having a policy that covered everything, with $10 office visit copays and $5.00 prescriptions, to now having a $2500 annual deductible and prescriptions are only covered for 20 percent of retail value! We can't even afford the dentist, and my glasses are falling apart. It's a sad state of affairs.