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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sometimes, I Think It's a Shame When I Get Feeling Better When I'm Feeling No Pain

Well, we had a long jacked up day yesterday. We drug out asses out of bed at about 6am (which is like kryptonite in this household - I personally burst into flame if the alarm goes off BEFORE 6am I assure you.)
We drug the tiny humans out of bed to take them to the medical center doing the husband's tests for today. Lil Satchmo inquired, rather disgustedly I might add, WHY were we getting out of bed while it was still night.
He was certain we had made some sort of mistake, silly adults.
The office doing the procedure both last time and this has a policy that if you are with someone getting tests, you cannot leave the office. We cured them of this pretty soundly last time as the brute squad terrorized their office for the two hours that they were there. One twin banging on the receptionist glass and yelling "HEY!" while I try to keep the other one from eating a tack he found on the ground, and other assorted shenanigans which involved yelling, crying etc.
Funny - for yesterday's procedures they let me leave the office with them and walk around.
The results?
Well, we don't have official results yet.
I've seen the photos of all the inside of my hunny from one end to the other. Everything LOOKS all healthy and textbook good. They'll give him biopsy results in about a week. But the meat and potatoes of this issue have not been tackled.

Which are the lymph nodes.

Next stop.


I anticipate a lot of beer consumption in our future.


Anonymous said...

if you'd like something stronger than beer, tell me your poison of choice. i will gladly sneak a bottle to you at work designed in a lovely giftbasket with a hidden compartment for the REAL goods.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I'm so sorry. Thinking of you.