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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A PSA Regarding Your Time in Sorority or Fraternity

Just a little note to all you Greeks out there entering the job market this spring.

Your experience in any Panhellenic organization does not count as valid job experience.

Counseling brothers and sisters with their grades or through "pass the candle" events is not a valid management skill.


I'm just here to help you, as a former member of Pan-Hel myself, I want you to know that when you turn in a resume and try to dress up your Greek experience as actual JOB experience, well, it cracks me up.

And then I don't hire you.

I realize that doing all that float building and event planning and dealing with people SEEMS like work.

But it's not. I promise you.

So let me tell you what to do.

Say you have NO experience, and list your Greek affiliation as a club or activity on your resume. Maybe you will get lucky and it'll be a Brother or a Sister sitting across from you. And they will respect your honesty, and give you a break.

Otherwise, we'll say thanks for coming in, Human Resources will be touch.

This PSA presented with Panhellenic love, from an ASA.


Anonymous said...

I taught 60 Freshman girls the Greek Alphabet.

How can that not count for something?

Anonymous said...

I had to memorize the names of the eleven founding Sisters! Doesn't that mean I have the ability to learn information quickly or something? lol