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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggs for Breakfast, Both Robin's and Cadbury

Seriously, isn't that the RIGHT way to start your day?

Despite the fact that Lil Satchmo was only coordinated and not MATCHING his brothers as he desired, I thought that we made a cute little family on our family outing yesterday.

It's rather the the equivalent of dressing up for church, isn't it? Family outing in front of all these people we don't know. But look how well coordinated we are. We must have a GOOD mommy.


I'm sure of that this message was conveyed. We took a lovely family photo even as Baby Birth of Cool SHRIEKED like he was being taken to meet HITLER at the sight of the bunny. Oh, and Baby Birdman was also trying to wriggle away.

Why does it matter so much? This judgment that I am pre-emptively avoiding by making sure my kids look right. I'm setting the stage for Air Jordans and clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch down the road, I think. (Except that I will never, EVER patronize Abercrombie and Fitch because of their abhorrent employment practices-don't get me started.).

Part me says, "You know what? This crap shouldn't matter. Why can't they just go to stuff like this in something clean and random?".
And part of me says,

** Postscript
The Park Where we had the Easter Egg Hunt, featured a KITE-EATING TREE! Quick, WARN CHARLIE BROWN! It had consumed TWO while we were there!


Daisy said...

The kite eating tree? Oh, no! Steer clear!