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Sunday, March 09, 2008

SW2K - I Had To Share

So many people out there bang on Disney for being jerks, for it being a rotten bullshit money grubbing empire. They are wrong.

Read this story.

Long Live The Empire of the Mouse.


Anonymous said...

That was good of you to post that. I figured there was something special about the trip to Disney, then I read "2,000th ride" and thought well that's something. And THEN I read the "autistic" part. I hope this story made the newspapers somewhere, because what a wonderful story of people going out of their way to make an occasion truly special for someone else. Way to go, Team Disney.

Unknown said...

It was an amazing day. We are incredibly touched and indebted to the fantastic cast members who were involved. Ben was having the time of his life.

Thank you so much for spreading the word, B. Even though I was there, it still gets to me to read about it.