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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stupid Mother Nature

It's tough enough moving from one climate to another. But if you have a five year old who has a terror of bad storms BECAUSE of his first 4 years of hurricane HELL and you move to a place with frequenent tornadoes -you tell him all the truisms about tornadoes you know. They are probably the ones MY mother told me when I was little, but I have no memory of being afraid of them. One of that he has latched onto is that tornadoes "like" flat land. We try to explain that no, they just do BETTER on big flat stretches because they can build up power. Tornadoes don't like or dislike anything, it's just a matter of what works BEST for the storm system etc.
Anyway, last night, the sky was ugly - despite it being night, I just had to walk out onto the balcony and watch the sky for a while.
There was some fierce lightning, and I came in and brough up ye old radar. I commented to the husband "Man, the birds outside in the forest are going CRAZY something is coming."
And they were, the chirping that was going on was bizarre, primal, warning calls. I've never heard anything like it.
So according to Weather.com - Atlanta was one big red blob.
But no warnings other than the big red blob warning.

Son of a BITCH wouldn't you know it - TORNADOES were ripping through Atlanta when I went outside? I'm not right IN town of course.
So the first words out of my mouth when I sit down at the pc this morning are that there was a tornado downtown.....now he never wants to go downtown again.


I HAD to say it, didn't I? Because I never know when to shut up. And I always underestimate the power of my words.


In other happier news.......TAKE THIS SURVEY!