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Saturday, March 22, 2008


This conversation took place this morning when getting ready for the Twins Club Easter egg hunt, when Lil Satchmo realized his outfit only coordinated with his brothers, but did not MATCH.
Him: Why don't I match? I was wanting one of THESE shirts!
Me: Sweetie your brothers match because they are twins, you are wearing an outfit that coordinates, it goes with them but is not exactly the same.
Him: WHY NOT! I want to match too! I like those shirts.
Me: Because when you all THREE match people ask us all day if you are triplets, and you are not, so I only have the twins match now.
Him: We are TOO triplets.
Me: No, triplets is when you have three babies at one time.
Him: You HAVE three babies at one time. There are THREE OF US Mom!
Me: (sighing) No it's when you give BIRTH to three babies at one time. You came by yourself, your brothers came at the same time.
Him: You mean when we came out of your vagina?
Me: Yes. Only you came out.
Him: Where were my brothers?
Me: They were not in my tummy yet.
Him: Why not? Why couldn't THEY come out at the same time?
Me: Sweetie you know why. They weren't inside me yet to be born. They came later, and together, so they are twins.
Him: But you could have put us all in your vagina together. That way we could've all worn the same shirt today.


Clearly I wasn't thinking about your need to wear a matching shirt when I conceived you.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Seriously, what is the big idea? Why didn't you just put them all inyour vagina at once so that Lou could have the shirt?

What kind of mother are you?