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Friday, February 29, 2008

Making Friends Through Adversity

I rarely make my friends in the usual ways. There is never the "Hey I like Star Wars do you like Star Wars?" "Yes I do let's be friends." sort of set up. Never a great connection right off the bat where you just know that the friendship is solid and is going to be a great one.
Usually, I meet them in strange places, in strange ways.
There's Tim, who I met by fainting in his arms. True, we were in marching band together and I would've met him eventually - but a case of band members fainting in 100+ degree heat while wearing double wool uniforms brought us together quickly.
There's Jaymie who I met because she annoyed the shit out of me by decorating my desk for holidays at my old job. She MOVED my stuff. Repeatedly. It was her job, in all fairness - but still - I don't like people touching my stuff.
There's Laura who I KNEW in High School and sort of liked, we were casual friends but we were bonded into lifelong friendship after a mutual case of exploding ass we obtained at the Ponderosa one weekend while we were visiting our boyfriends at Ball State. "I have to go to the ladies room." "Oh I'll go with you," and we casually wander into stalls as far apart as possible yet it made no difference. Passers by would've heard the explosions, the horrible sounds as the poison wrenched itself from our bodies. Eventually we were nearly hysterical with laughter - which helped drown out the sounds of exploding asses.

We've laughed about it ever since.

Last night I went to a fancy dinner with people from my work. Steaks were consumed and so was fancy dessert. Some shrimp thing was the appetizer. About halfway through the dinner, my stomach began to rumble.
Just a bit.

Toward the end of dinner, I felt like I had cramps, and I was thinking crap I can't be getting my period I just GOT my period. Ugh!

When we stood up to leave - I realized OMG.....it's ON.

One of my co-workers who I really like said "I need to hit the ladies room" and I agreed so we went off to the fancy ladies room to take care of business.

This bathroom, to my delight and chagrin mutually, had those ACTUAL private rooms with doors that close. So I was able to go inside and let'er rip in privacy with minimal embarrassment.
But then I'm wondering........is she sick too?

Maybe all this fancy privacy just cost me a bonding moment with a potential friend.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Now you can never be friends with her.

Unless you faint.

Laura said...

And here I thought you liked me for the bitchin' green Cadillac that my Grandma let me take out cruising . . . Well, that and the exploding ass.

Tojosan said...

LOL! This is too funny. Good post.

hollibobolli said...

Dear Lord, I am dying.

I'm so mature... this kind of stuff just cracks me up.