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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today I Learned

  • A family of Five does not fit into a bathtub comfortably.

  • Tornadoes are only cool and fun when you can watch them with a beer instead of little hands in yours.

  • Letting small boys pile up stuffed animals in the bathroom so that they will be safe comforts them a lot.

  • Taking the pillows and the blankets and the flashlights to the bathroom is really just bullshit to make you feel better, like boiling water when a baby is being born. If it hits the fan - maybe the blanket will help. Maybe.

  • I have more children than I can feasibly hold on to, if I were required to hang onto all of them alone. I believe I worked out how to hold onto one with my legs and the other two with my arms but then again, I wasn't actually tested.

  • I sound far more confident that I actually am, when questioned by a five year old.

This is what rolled through the ATL today - the radar picture about 5 hours before it got to us. The entire ATL metro was lit up like a Christmas tree with the damn doppler radar and watch boxes. Yeah. It sucked a lot.Much love to my husband for SPOTTING the rotation in the clouds and sending us to the bathroom for safety. It was scary, and it never materialized into a tornado. But you saw it, and protected us. And while I was in the bathtub holding onto our children, after I had worked out how to hold onto them - I began to worry about who was going to hold onto YOU.

I need one more arm people. Maybe even two.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Scary. I hate tornadoes.

Frank said...

I don't have anything sweet or witty to say. It was scary with kids to take care of and a beautiful wife that could be gone. Just like everything else, life is soooooo much different when it is more than just yourself to take care of. I love you, Bunny - I'm glad we're all okay.