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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Today I did one of my favorite things. I voted.

I don't talk politics and I won't talk them with you, chances are. Most people don't have a fucking clue and they annoy the shit out of me. But I'm a little excited today, because today I took the first step toward changing the world.

I told Erin some time ago that I truly believe that the Richard Nixon factor is in effect this election. Any douche-bag can get elected, if they just promise to end the war.

I'm a reformed republican which means I was raised republican and then grew a heart. I've sat back and listened to the rhetoric and waited for the magic words. I've read the odd story, waiting for the magic words. I have waited to hear someone say it - not in a place where those following every word of the election would hear it, but in a place for the masses. For someone to really hang out their NADS and SAY IT.

And during the SUPERBOWL Obama said them.

We can end the war.

So today I put my sons in the car and together with my husband we took our children and showed them what it means to be American. We showed them what it means to vote, to make a choice, to use the power we have as citizens.

My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War.

My great-grandfather fought in the Spanish American War.

My grandfather fought in World War 2.

I am a patriot.

And I have had enough.

Oh, and voting means you get stickers! YIPPEE!

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