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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's '08 - I lied there is more.

When I got home from work the husband had a surprise waiting for me. He had created Red Velvet Cake COOKIES (oh my god if you know me you know I LOVE Red Velvet Cake) and decorated them as you see.

Can I reiterate that I LOVE Red Velvet Cake?

We had homemade cards all around this year.

His card from me, in the middle, was a bit of a project at my office toward the end of the day.
Yes that's Elvis on the left - you don't even want to know who is in the middle (hint loyal reader I recently dreamed about him). And on the back, a special something........

The husband selected PARENTHOOD to watch as our romantic time together. We held hands and laughed hysterically at things that never used to be so funny. And then when the movie was over, Baby Birdman woke up,came to the living room, and vomitted red velvet cake cookies all over the place.