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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And Then I Thanked Hitler

The Husband and I have, since time immemorial, gone to bed separately. I go first usually, to read, to crash, to drift off alone. We both however, prefer to slide into sleep without the rustling and shifting of another person who is also trying to get to sleep. It works for us.
The other night, as he slipped into bed beside my snoring, drooling self, I apparently said,"What about Hitler?"

He laughed, and asked me if I was dreaming about Hitler, and then asked if I Thanked Hitler. I apparently mumbled something more about Hitler, that I was talking about Hitler etc and rolled over to more snoring and drooling.

Then I apparently waited until he was settled in comfortably to roll back over and ask "So what about Hitler?"

I dunno. I've got issues apparently.


fudgelady said...

Uh-oh. You didn't stay in the Hitler room at that hotel, did you?