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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ein Prosit Ein Prosit Gemutlichkeit! Ein Prosit Ein Pro-OH-Sit...Gemutlichkeit!

Baby Birdman thought that this was the best pumpkin he had ever seen. In fairness, it's his first trip to the pumpkin patch so he's not exactly an expert. Aftermuch running around and laughing and picture taking we found three pumpkins that suited our purposes and had them loaded up into the trunk of the SUV and headed home. So you'd think, Halloween party for a bunch of Multiples......trip to the pumpkin patch. That's a LOT in one day! Right? Time to go home....right!? NEVER!!!!

After the pumpkin patch we surprised all the munchkins in the backseat with a trip to local Oktoberfest celebration. I grew up in Indianapolis were the GAK and other local German clubs would throw one HUGE Octoberfest celebration which went on for at least two weekends every year - and the hubby is from Seymour Indiana where they also have a HUGE Octoberfest celebration so we're kind of Octoberfest snobs, being accustomed to attending "we don't EFF around this is a real Octoberfest with real Germans" sort of celebrations. That being said, the local one here is quite good. It has the requisite carnival attractions and then the HUGE Fest tent with yummy food and dancing and the Oompah band going loud. It was such a good time. The kids snarfed up yummy food and Mommy had a lovely dunkelbock beer. After we had dinner we went out and rode rides and for the first time ever the twins got to ride a "kiddie" ride without a parent - although they were wedged in with the brother. I halfway suspect that their butts were wedged in so tightly than none of them could get out if they wanted to.
The only thing we couldn't fit into our very cramped day was to whip up to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH to spend a couple of hours with the MEMMERS! I'm sorry we couldn't get up there to see you guys but maybe next time you are down here we'll get together! We miss you!


Unknown said...

I went to franklins Octoberfest it rocked

Anonymous said...


Are you going to translate? Because I am monolingual.