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Monday, October 23, 2006

Heaven's Not Close in a Place Like This

Just a short aside from my usual rambling self centered diatribe. I had meant to share this a while back but it slipped my mind. On the day of the Race for the Cure the Clothesline Project was doing one of their exhibits in the park where you exited the Race.
It was startling really, to come off the course - tired as hell because I'm so damn fat, and to see all of these tshirts strung from the trees throughout the park. Your first impression is "What is this?" Then you get closer and start reading them and for me, anyway, my next impression was "Oh man this is depressing."
Walking along the clothesline was a reminder of the pain and suffering I don't feel on a daily basis. Of how good my life is and how bad others actually have it. Most tshirts were made by abuse victims - some detailing the abuse and some were celebrations of their freedom and then end of the abuse. Some were made for people who didn't find their way to freedom but instead were consumed by the violence.
I took a few snaps but the one that caught my eye and caused me to really take a look at what was going on was this one. I was curious why someone made this one. Was it someone that knew her or just someone that wasn't comfortable expressing their own pain so they projected something that we could all understand?


Anonymous said...

Wow. I wonder if her sister made that shirt.