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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

City Memory Here I Come

In Greg Bear's Books Eternity, Eon and Legacy there is a concept of CITY MEMORY. After you have used up your corporeal life, you can live a sentient, fulfilling life in city memory where you have the ability to interact with others both corporeal and in memory. You have sythesized senses and it's basically like living forever.
I like this concept. You don't have to be gone - but there is no space for your corporeal self........take your sentient being and get into CITY MEMORY. And live forever with everyone you ever knew and then some. Some people through great intelligence or deeds could be granted additional corporeal incarnations.
It's a very cool concept.
Sometimes I think that the Blogosphere is a betaversion of CITY MEMORY. We don't intend for it to be so, but we're out here constructing our lives and our hearts and putting our worlds into a digital format to preserve forever these concepts. In a way, we're entering pieces of our lives into City Memory, aren't we?

And Nikki - it's Greg Bear.
Not Greg Evigan.

Dont make me kick your ass.