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Saturday, October 28, 2006

We got our Hair Did

One of our friends, Nicole, is in cosmetology school and Leslie and I are too cheap to pay for the top end salon service we really want. So in the name of frugality and helping our friend practice her chosen trade, we made a trip to SALLY'S and then back to Nicole's for a DAY OF BEAUTY.

We wanted highlights and Leslie got highlights and low lights. When I got home, Scott said I looked like I had was "RIDING ON THE METRO........".
Leslie wants me to tell people that we look like this:

In fact I sort of look like this (this picture makes my hair look sort of flat and I personally find it to be sort of poofy. I guess the BERLIN reference is that I have hardly any highlights in the back.
Anyway, good job Nicole. We only look moderately crazy.....kidding kidding kidding.


Anonymous said...

While you did look very Berlin-ish when you came home, only a blind gay crackhead would be unable to see how hot you look in the last picture. Not that I have anything against blind gay crackheads, mind you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

(I've always wanted to try the Teri Nunn look.)

Lumpyheadsmom said...

ooooh, pretty!

Anonymous said...

Untrue! Untrue! I can see she's hot too!

Apparently, I'm a poetic blind crackhead. Guy.