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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Corvette Story - or How I am as Gullible as People I laugh At

I have this friend who is gullible. To the point that it's a bit of a sport to see what you can get her to believe. She's famous for telling people she doesn't like dishes that are flambe because she "doesn't like the taste of lighter fluid". And before I tell my Corvette story, I have to tell her BEST story because they are similar - if only in that sometimes when people tell you things, you just believe them.
To your own detriment.
On the west side of Indianapolis is a Mosque. Apparently said friend grew up around that side of town. One day while she was riding around with a bunch of high school friends she asked them "What is that building?" and one of the people in the car, knowing her well, said "Oh, that's the Arab club." "The Arab club? What's that?" She asked. It was then explained to her that it was a private club for people from the middle east and it was full of sand and date palms, and that they could go inside and hang out and speak their native languages........and ride camels.
AND - they told her, it was open to the public on Tuesdays. You could go in and ride camels and hang out, it was just like being in the middle east.
Do you see how this is going to go?
Well apparently several months or maybe a year later, my Friend was in charge of planning a birthday party for someone she knew. It happened to fall on a Tuesday.
And she had the BEST idea of what they could do for the party........
so she CALLS the "Arab Club".
Oh yes, she calls and gives them the "Hi is this the Arab club? I'd like to get some information about coming over there to ride camels next Tuesday."
I don't exactly know how the rest of the conversation went.......I like to imagine there was outraged SCREAMING on the other end of the line which included the word infidel but I'm not exactly sure. When she told the story to us, several years later, she just said "Man they were mad."
Yeah, I bet they were.

Well I didn't offend an entire religion with mine...but it is an example of gullible and looking stupid. So here is mine.
Somewhere, at some time, someone told me that Corvettes didn't come with air conditioning. I don't know who or why or when. The explanation had something to do with the engine block......I'm a girl so I don't know. All I know is, I've had this information in my brain for SO long that I just took it for fact. So one day, I'm going along with my husband and I see this corvette with it's window rolled up and remark to him that they must be hot - it was a hot day. Why? he asks. And I tell him, "Because they don't have air conditioning......it's a Corvette." Yeah. When he got done laughing his ass off we went though the logic on that one and it did seem unlikely that on a 90+ degree day you'd have the window rolled up on the highway if you had no AC. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, am I.

My hubby PERSONALLY got me with the great Hanta Virus prank.
I bought some Suave Naturals hairspray.
He comes out of the bathroom with it and says "Didn't you see that thing on the news about that hair spray?" Me "No? What?" "Oh there is some flower or something that it's made with that they traced some cases of the hanta virus to......it was contaminated etc." I'm like "WHAT?" and he says "It's been all over the news, I can't believe you bought it." Then he says "Do you know what else causes the Hanta virus? MY ASS!" and laughs. I think he's being funny, but still serious about the hair spray.
So I throw it away.

Two days later he is going to the store and I say "Please pick me up some hairspray." He reminds me I just bought some, and I tell him I had to throw it away because of the Hanta virus. At which point he erupts in laughter..........and I realize how completely stupid that story was. And I've thrown away PERFECTLY GOOD HAIRSPRAY.



Lumpyheadsmom said...

Does the CDC know his ass causes the Hanta virus? Someone should tell them.

Gidge said...

The husband mentions that I should also confess that I threw away the REST of my Suave products that same day, and that I TOLD other people about the Hanta Virus thing - and emailed people about it.
Yeah, I'm a dork.

Loco said...

I seem to remember someone who also believed that we kept Fromunda cheese in the fridge. Remind him of that the next time he razzes you about the Hanta virus. . .

Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla said...

You know of course, I have to print this and give it to our resident Corvette Dork...cuz he drives it to work on Friday's...

pete said...

OOOok 1st off sis the joke about the Vet is that you call an auto parts store and say you have a broke anything on your 1983 vet.SOO when the guy looks in his comeputer and cant find anything you can laugh you ass off at him cause he will never find it because There were no 1983 Corvettes.The new Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY closed in October of 1982 to begin retooling for the 1984 Corvette.SO they skiped the year 1983.Now part 2 on this the ac joke works best on a Beetle.