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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Now We Are Four

Once upon a time I had no children, and I was told that I would never have any.
Then on a snowy afternoon in February of 2002 I had some blood drawn by a large Jamaican woman, while huge slowflakes 2-3 inches across blew outside the doctors office window. I watched them swirl and wondered what it was that they were going to say was wrong with me once they determined that I wasn't pregnant.
That afternoon I got the news that changed my life.

When he was One he got to sit in the Pilot's seat of the monorail at DisneyWorld
and meet the Mouse.

Now he is four and made his own birthday cake, indignantly telling me "I can DO it Mom, let ME do it!"
You are exactly right baby boy. You can do it.
You can do anything. You are my miracle.


Anonymous said...

It's not easy letting them grow up. In fact, I'd say that the older they get, the harder it is to let them be that age.